Snooki Says Reese Witherspoon Is Going To Be Just Fine After Her Arrest

Nobody can tell yet whether Reese “Do You Know Who I Am?” Witherspoon’s career will be affected by her awkward arrest last Friday in Atlanta. But if Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has any say in it, the bubbly Oscar winner and mother-of-three is going to be A-OK.

Snooki visited Celebuzz’s brand spankin’ new studio on Thursday, and had this to say about Reese:

I love the girl, and the fact that she got arrested for being drunk with her husband makes me love the girl even more. She’s human. That’s what happens sometimes. You drink you much; you get a little crazy; you get arrested. Hello! I got arrested for being too drunk on the beach. You guys remember awhile back. That was embarrassing.

“Girlfriend, you are okay. It happens to the best of us. You’re still going to have an amazing career. You’re still awesome,” she added.

Get more from Snooki in the video, above.