Chris Brown’s Dad: Not A Fan Of Son’s Relationship With Rihanna

Heads up Chris Brown, your father has a few choice words about your on-and-off again romance with Rihanna.

“I personally really didn’t want him and Rihanna back together,” Clinton Brown told the New York Daily News over the weekend.

“You have to have a balance in a relationship. You have to have someone who is spontaneous and whimsical but you also have to have someone who is grounded and logical.”

Regardless of the current status of Chris and RiRi’s relationship, papa Brown has a fear for what could happen if things stay on.

“I hate to use examples, but Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse — I mean I could go on and on!” he told NYDN, referring to recent tragedies to hit the music industry. “Is that a given — that you can’t have fame and fortune without [death] being the end result?”

If Clinton, 48, could play matchmaker, who would he suggest for his son?

“I personally liked Jordin Sparks. She’s a wholesome young lady, very pretty,” he said. (Sparks and Brown collaborated on the 2008 hit, “No Air”).

Other hightlights of Clinton’s interview with the NYDN include his thoughts on Brown’s previous girlfriend Karrueche Tran, what it was like to meet Rihanna when the pair first dated, and that infamous 2009 Grammys assault.

“One has to assume because they are back together that it wasn’t one-sided. You just have to imagine it was a circumstance in which they both had a disagreement,” he said.

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