Happy Royal Wedding Anniversary!

Hurrah!  It’s been two years since Prince William and the former Kate Middleton tied the knot at Westminster Abbey in London, a wedding that prompted 2 billion people worldwide to tune in.

Anne Clark created the genius meme tumblr, Kate Middleton For The Win around the time Wills and Kate announced their engagement. “Like a lot of teenagers I had a huge crush on the young William, but I didn’t know much about Kate until a few months ago,” Clark told me via email just before the royal wedding.  “I think I like her even more!”

Now, two years later, Clark is a bit of a celebrity herself.  Vanity Fair tapped the New York-based comedienne to create exclusive memes for their site, and Clark recently put on a show at the PIT in NYC to celebrate the impending royal birth.

Two years ago, I asked Clark how she came up with such clever captions.

[Credit: Kate Middleton For The Win]

“I typically look around for interesting photos and then ask myself, ‘If all I really had to do all day was look awesome and drink champagne, what would I say/complain about?'” Clark said.

Yours truly is a smidge obsessed with royal wedding, but why did Clark find the event so fascinating?

“I think it’s the grandeur and elegance of it all,” she told me.  “The way the royals are so public and elegant and yet so mysterious – it’s really pretty magical. Also, Kate is just so ridiculously good looking and sweet it’s really hard not to love her.”

Here, here!

[Credit: Kate Middleton For The Win]

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