The Kardashians Dance (And Smash Plates!) In Greece

The Kardashians sure know how to throw a party — Greek-style!

The famous family touched down in Greece on their big fat Greek vacation last week — and you know what they say… when in Greece, do as the Greeks.

After going yachting, rafting and soaking up the sun, the fam took in the sights of a traditional Greek dance as they enjoyed their dinner — and they couldn’t help but join in all the fun.

Kris Jenner looked the part in style wearing platforms, a cropped white sweater and long column dress as she joined hands with hubby Bruce and daughters Kylie and Kendall as they made a circle for some folk dancing (complete with costumed dancers.)

Experiencing all the new customs, the high-energy dance turned into a celebratory clapping occasion as everyone gleefully took their plates — and per Greek custom — smashed them to the ground. (And by the look on Kris’ face and her hands high in the air, they were having a blast.)

Kylie took center stage as she showed off her newfound moves and Bruce twirled her on the dance floor as the Keeping Up With The Kardashians cameras rolled.

Check out more family fun in the CB! gallery above.

It looks like so much fun, do you wish you were on vacation with the Kardashians? Tell us below.