The Paltrow-Martin Clan Continues To Remind Us That They’re BFFs With Beyonce

While Gwyneth Paltrow is busy listening to new songs off Beyonce’s upcoming album, her husbands is kicking back in style.

On Sunday, Paltrow’s hubby Chris Martin and Bey’s man Jay-Z hit up London’s Emirates Center for a soccer game, sitting pretty in a private box as Machester United took on Arsenal in a nail-bitting match.

After the game ended with a tie, the two hitmakers reportedly joined their famous wives in a double date at Zuma for some Japanese grub.

“They were all together—not flanked by bodyguards—just them,” a source tells E! News. “Chris Martin was carrying [daughter] Apple out of the restaurant as she fell asleep.”

The source also added Jay left the restaurant with his arm around Paltrow.

Given that the Oscar winner was recently named “the world’s most beautiful woman” a year after Bey was given the same title, this unlikely friendship is beginning to make more and more sense for us (as in, all pretty people just gravitate towards each other).