Your Daily #CaptionContest Winners Are…

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I mean, look, we all strive for things, right? We strive to be better at our jobs, better to our friends, and better spenders of our own money. And some of us, those of us who are Justin Bieber, simply strive for a better look, one that says “Santa Claus meets Rugrats.” And we refuse to judge him, because humanity is a diverse rainbow.

Right. Anyway. I have to say, the results of this Facebook #CaptionContest are, perhaps, my favorite #CaptionContest results ever. You guys are funny! This picture is funny! Everything is funny!

Without further delay, the winners:

“‘We so bad we skipping nap time… swaggy’ but really, what is he wearing??” – Becca

“Big BABY” – Tamara

“going to my crib” – Victoria

“No.” – Harriet

“Teach me how to Snuggie” – Christopher

“Justin finally finishes reading Where the Wild Things Are, gets inspired.” – Sean

“This kid always looks like he just dumped in his pants.” – Amber

Congrats to our winners! Visit our Facebook page for a new #CaptionContest challenge.