Beyonce: I Had Five Minutes To Rehearse For ‘Standing On The Sun’

Unlike her week-long preparation for her Pepsi commercial, Beyonce only had moments to learn her moves for her H&M video shoot.

The fashion brand recently released behind-the-scenes footage from the 31-year-old’s beachside shoot, where Bey is seen practicing her routine on the beach as camera crew set up equipment around her.

“Now I have to learn choreography in five minutes,” Bey says in the clip.

“Beyonce hasn’t really got a chance to rehearse as much as she would like to,” Frank Gatson, the co-choreographer of the routine, adds. “She has a lot on her plate but we’ll get it done.”

But as we’ve previously saw in the full commercial, Bey — and her bikini bod — clearly killed it.

As with the commercial Mrs. Jay-Z recently shot for Pepsi, this latest campaign spot features new music from the mom-of-one.

Learn the lyrics to “Standing on the Sun” at Directlyrics because — let’s face it — it’s going to be stuck in your head for the rest of the day.