Courtney Stodden Wore A Very Mini Minidress to The Ivy

Courtney Stodden, America's favorite teen bride, had lunch at The Ivy with her 52-year-old husband Doug Hutchison this week.

The 18-year-old Internet star wore what one typically wears to The Ivy: a super-short leopard minidress and her now-signature sky-high heels. Hutchison, meanwhile, was typically appropriate in a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops.

As for the conversation they had over lunch, well, that's just something you'll have to imagine for yourselves.


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  • maxiela

    Nasty little Girl!!!!:-\

  • Theresa Anne Graziosi
    Theresa Anne Graziosi

    I'm sorry I think she is just too high on drugs to know any better right now ! Two reasons " u would have to be doped up to marry him and second " sober people don't go in public with their ass cheeks hanging out ! Just ridiculous !