What’s Your Favorite Movie Of All Time?

Who else loves walking into a book-slash-record-slash-video-rental-store — yes, they still exist! — and heading straight to the “Staff Picks” section? I can’t be the only one who finds satisfaction in knowing that Kevin’s favorite novel is Lolita and that Gertrude’s favorite album is Aaron Carter’s Aaron’s Party (Come Get It). I enjoy this because it allows me to pass judgement on people gain insight into someone’s personality. With this in mind, I asked Celebuzz’s Twitter friends to name their favorite movie of all time.

Our followers provided dozens of answers, ranging from recent Oscar-winners like Argo to classics like Citizen Kane.

Titanic and The Notebook received the greatest number of mentions. Harry Potter and The Twilight Saga also received a fair amount of love. Thoughts? Agree/disagree? Feel left out? Leave a comment telling us what you think.

We like to regularly feature your responses to our pop culture questions on the site, so be sure to follow us on Twitter for a chance to be featured in the future. Without further delay, here are our readers’ favorite films:












Remember to leave a comment naming your favorite movie of all time if you missed the Twitter party earlier.