Alex McCord Recounts 'RHOC' Episode: 'Tamra Picked The Weakest Link'

Each week, Alex McCord weighs in on The Real Housewives Of Orange County.  The gals may deem themselves the "original housewives," but the picked up a few tricks from other franchises.

McCord studied the dinner fight (it's always at the dinner table), focusing mainly on Tamra Barney and Alexis Bellino.

"What’s the quickest way to job security?  Become the queen of mean," McCord notes.  "Go after someone…but WIN."

"She learned from Jill Zarin’s mistake," McCord added.  "Jill took on a very well-liked character."



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  • magnolia15

    My comment got cut off, but my second point was that I thought that it seemed like Tamra tried to bait Alexis into showing poor behavior, but Alexis didn't take the bait. Rather, when Tamra was acting like a vile creature, Alexis was calm, positive and classy. I bet Tamra was trying to get Alexis to say something stupid or lose her cool so that Tamra would be justified in cutting her out of all of the taped events. Instead, Tamra looks like a mean bully that everyone had in their school, and who everyone hated. Bad move, Tamra. Now we are rooting for you to fail. Everyone cheers when the villan is defeated. Team Alexis!

  • magnolia15

    While I do think Tamra picked the weakest link, it doesn't make her look good at all. Many people want her off the show. Like Caroline, RHONJ, showed - when you are continuously mean and unpleasant, you become unpleasant to watch. Tamra is really verging on that. She needs to balance keeping relevant through fighting/one liners with being likeable.

  • jane25

    Hey Alex, I absolutely love your insights on The Real Housewives. You provide such a different and refreshing perspective, and it's nice to see someone address the obvious producer influence throughout the show. I do think you need to address Gretchen, the girl will do anything for camera time. I have a feeling she is going to come full circle with Tamra and the girls this season. I do have a a question for you though; how often are producers in housewives ears telling them what to say? Are there actual moments where they are like "Cut!" and then reshoot scenes where they help push certain dialogue? I just love your ability to help us viewers get more insight into the shows inner-workings. Thanks Alex! I look forward to your posts every week!!

  • realjunkie

    Hi Alex- couple of comments: 1) Tamra is HORRIBLE- she is an evil, horrible person. She's been this way since she came on the show, first attacking Gretchen relentlessly and now Alexis. I get that Alexis tries to "show off" but don't they all? This is her biggest crime? Tamra is just jealous that Alexis managed to pull off an "OC" lifestyle while Tamra is living with her gigolo boyfriend. That marriage isn't going to last either. I am hoping this is the season that she gets the "mean girl" edit, but its looking like that honor will go to Gretchen. Which leads me to 2) Gretchen- no comments about how horrible she was? She was even meaner than Tamra, considering she was close with Alexis. Read the message boards on she's getting slayed. 3) What about Heather? How can someone who seems intelligent and so well-spoken associate with the likes of mean, ignorant white trash Tamra? Do you think this is an ally thing- meaning she thinks Tamra is the Queen Bee and is trying to keep peace with her? It makes no sense to me that these two would be friends in real life. BTW, I totally agree with Lydia's statement re: Alexis- she needs to hear the truth- Alexis is no prize, but she is the weakest link and is obviously still on the show because its a job- she wouldn't hang out with these people in real life. Same for Heather- she clearly went on this show to resurrect her acting career- which obviously did not work out. She would not be hanging out with Tamra, Gretchen, etc otherwise. Would love to know your thoughts. BTW- I think it would be pure genius to dump the "new" RHONY cast and bring back you and Jill. The ratings would come back!