Biebs Show$ His LoVe For LV

Justin Bieber sure has the swag… and the caSh.

The 19-year-old singer took to Instagram April 30 to show just how enamored he is with luxe label Louis Vuitton, posting from the store, “I dropped the O and the E and just kept the LV- Big Sean” as he stands in the middle of the boutique.

Ever since Biebs made it onto the scene (and is now worth a reported $110 million!) he can buy all the LV he wants — and he does — even feeding his shopping habit by hitting up the Helsinski store during his Believe tour in Europe just a few days ago.

From the stage to the airport, Bieber is either carrying or wearing something from the monogram king of fashion.

So Celebuzz has put together 10 of his swaggiest LV looks that set him back about $15,000! And you know he’s got plenty more where that came from.

1. Bieber arrives at NRJ radio in November 2011 to promote his Christmas album in Paris sporting the LV Initials monogram belt for a cool $470.

(Photo: Splash)

2. The pint-size prince of pop helps launch the TOSY new mRobo robot at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas donning a rare Levi’s and LV Franken Jacket that can run upwards of $1,500.

(Photo: INF)

3. J-Biebs is spotted coming out of the studio in 2012 wearing the LV Damier belt that put him back $470.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)

4. and 5. The “Boyfriend” singer unpacks his pricey bags in the security line at the airport, including his $900 Damier laptop sleeve and $1960 Damier Roadster travel bag.

(Photos: FameFlyNet)

6. Bieber throws up the rocker sign while rockin his LV Damier Graphite belt and keychain worth a about $1,000.

(Photo: Getty)

7. The teen heartthrob puts on his best pose (and shoes!) at the Do Something Awards in 2011 wearing the LV Punchy glitter sneakers for $690.

(Photo: Getty)

8. Bieber glides down the carpet at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards sporting the LV Tower sneakers for a whopping $700.

(Photo: FameFlyNet)

9. Running to catch a flight or through crowd of screaming fans doesn’t mean Biebs can’t do it in style. Bieber ducks and runs by holding up his LV Sac Marin backpack worth $4,700. That’s some serious cover!

(Photo: INF)

10. ‘Jelena’ gives a whole new meaning to the airport runway as they take off with his $2,200 LV Michael backpack.

(Photo: Splash)

What’s your favorite LV look on Biebs? Tell us below.