Here Are All the Suits Robert Downey Jr. Has Worn While Promoting ‘Iron Man 3’

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When it comes to fashion, guys are rarely allowed to get away with anything outside the doors of J. Crew.

So it’s been a little refreshing to see Robert Downey Jr. wear whatever the hell he wants while promoting Iron Man 3 over the last couple of weeks.

Sometimes, his suit-and-sneakers combo have a tendency to be as erratic as his past behavior. (Plus there was that whole Lederhosen incident in Munich, which no.)

But you gotta hand it to the guy for not giving two you-know-whats otherwise. (Maybe this is what happens when you make $50 million off a single movie.)

Check out RDJ’s best and most interesting looks from his worldwide Iron Man 3 tour, below.

All images courtesy of Getty Images