Matt Lauer's Exes Will Compete For His Attention With Dueling Talk Shows on Dueling Networks

Couric and Viera
There are some girl-on-girl rivalries so fierce they're all anyone can talk about: Britney vs. Christina, Elizabeth Cady Stanton vs. Lucretia Mott and most of all Matt Lauer's (Today Show co-host) exes Meredith Viera and Katie Couric.

Viera is in the process of filming a pilot for an NBC daytime talk show. It was reported several months ago that Viera was in talks to host such a show, but she is now moving forward and actually shooting a pilot episode for the show, US Weekly reports. The show has not been officially picked up, but if and when it is (and of course it will be, it's Meredith Viera, people) it could put her in direct competition with Couric, whose talk show is produced by ABC.

A Viera/Couric competition could be very interesting to watch unfold. The two have similar backgrounds, both served as co-hosts of Today opposite Matt Lauer, but bring very different things to the table anchor desk. Couric is the high school homecoming queen. All sunshine and rainbows, she always knows the answer to the teacher's question, but she's also willing to help out a fellow classmate. She's the girl everyone knows. Viera, on the other hand, is the cool girl. You can find her smoking cigarettes in the bathroom between classes and spiking the punch bowl at prom. She's the girl everyone wants to know.

Since leaving Today, Meredith Viera has stayed busy, serving as a contributor at Dateline NBC and Rock Center With Brian Williams, as well as filling in for Kathie Lee Gifford sometimes on Today's fourth hour of wine and secrets. She has also been the host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, a job which she is leaving soon. Announcing her departure from the game show, Viera's statement read:

"I am about to embark on a new adventure with NBC, and I have a digital venture which will be announced shortly. This just seemed like the right time to make the move."

Best of luck to both Couric and Viera. And remember, no fighting in the cafeteria.



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  • shenli

    Jeepers Creepers! These flighty & flakey women both want Lauer's attention. WHY? Wouldn't you think they would ask his spouse? Good grief Charlie Brown! I can see Couric still doing her talk show, although I don't watch it; whereas Viera left Today to care for her ailing spouse; so what the heck is she doing? She'll regret perhaps sooner than expected! And Lauer where is your spouse? She should not be a silent partner but an active participating one! It perhaps says a lot about your marriage! Lauer: You don't need these women and their talk show! And what the heck are you doing still hanging around TodayShow? You're becoming a stalemate! Furthermore, enough womanizing; you're getting to be an old man, if not one already! THINK! THINK 21st century; get out of the box; don't stay in it! Have your own FAMILY TALK SHOW! Yes! with your spouse and children; acquire opinions from women/children/youth with guests being only families (not your families but family entities)! NO, NOT another reality show but a WHOLESOME FAMILY TALK SHOW; with righteous principles! Guarantee this would be a perfect; America is crying for something like this RIGHT NOW! Geez, I can think of a lot of topics and scenarios! Let's see what you can do on your own and on your own two feet; show the viewers! Show how families can/should work together; and how it can be done! THINK! THINK 21st century with all of its technologies, etc., and how it can edify families! Let's see if you can do something like this! GOTCHA!