‘The Voice’ Alum Katrina Parker Recaps This Week’s Episode

Referred to as “the embodiment of [The Voice]” by Rolling Stone, Katrina Parker was a Semi-Finalist on Team Adam during Season 2 of the hit show. Katrina’s currently recording her debut album and stopping in weekly to discuss her favorite moments from Season 4 with us.

The Voice Knockouts knocked me out this week. After 4 hours of performances, I can barely see straight, but let’s talk about some of this week’s highlights. Grab a good book. We may be here awhile.

Best Vocal Performance. Judith Hill’s stunning take on the country classic “You Were Always On My Mind” knocked my socks off. It was effortless and sublime. I imagine it’s hard to stay on top when you’re consistently wonderful week after week. It could make her performances less exciting, but it doesn’t. Judith’s voice and skill is a constant revelation, and she remains my #1 pick to win this competition.

The Party’s Over. The Voice lost about 25% of its fun factor when Midas Whale left the competition Tuesday. Their arrangement of “Higher Ground” was compelling, but they seemed a little adrift onstage, whereas Amber Carrington hit all the right marks with “I’m With You.” While Adam Levine’s decision to keep Amber was fair, I’m sad to lose one of the last duos standing. These guys were highly entertaining and will be sorely missed.

Etta Would Approve. Sasha Allen seemed to struggle during battles, but this week she chose a song that was pitch-perfect. “At Last” gave her the opportunity to unfold her wings and let that big, beautiful voice take flight. I was thrilled to get the same goose bumps I got during her blind audition and can’t wait to see more of what she’s capable of in Live rounds.

You Do You. My advice for Season 5 contestants? Don’t do anything for the very first time during Knockouts (unless you know you can slay it).  Mary Miranda tackled the iconic “Every Breath You Take,” giving herself the added challenge of performing the song in English (something she hadn’t done previously). Her lack of ease clearly showed, and Shakira was forced to send her home. Now I’m all about taking risks, but if you’re not 95% sure you can do it well, don’t do it in this round.

Dust Dust Dust!  Y’all, Vedo is making me an emotional wreck. When he announced “Everything I Do, I Do It For You” as his song choice, it brought back a ton of personal memories I’ll refrain from sharing (you’re welcome).  Then Vedo dedicated his sweet, moving rendition to his mother, and I am TOO FRAGILE for this shit. It was like a waterfall up in here (and his win was well deserved).

Too School for Cool. Michelle Chamuel is a beast and may be the most entertaining performer on The Voice. Her “Raise Your Glass” teemed with a frenzied, charismatic energy that was unselfconscious and totally mesmerizing. She’s a joy to watch, and I cannot wait to see what she does next.

Night of a Thousand Upsets. There were a number of shakeups on Tuesday. Three early favorites (Savannah Berry, Grace Askew and Ryan Innes) went home after having off nights. As shocking as it was to see these contestants go, I have to give the coaches props for trying to judge the Knockouts fairly. This should serve as a sobering reminder for those going into Live rounds – from here on out EVERY performance counts.

Guitar Heroes. How many people had guitars onstage this week? Was it a lot? Because it seemed like a lot…and I LIKED it.

Don’t Fence Me In.  Shakira’s description of Sarah Simmons as having “wild horses in her throat” was oddball but also a good reference for Sarah’s raw talent. She has this incredible, untamed voice that will only improve as she gains more control of it. Her “Wild Horses” was lovely, and I felt a ton of sympathy for Warren Stone during this matchup. He was great, but going against Sarah must have felt like trying to swim upstream with a set of barbells.

The Katy Perry Curse. I’ve talked before about how I consider doing a Katy Perry song bad luck on this show, something akin to saying “Bloody Mary” 3 times into the Voice mirror. Even when you turn the song upside down like Luke Edgemon did, it can still send you packing. Holly Tucker sang the Hell out of “Live Like You Were Dying,” but Luke’s re-arrangement of “Teenage Dream” was fantastic, and I thought it’d be enough to save him. Apparently Blake Shelton disagreed, so the Katy Perry curse holds.

Drop and Give Me 20! Usher revisited his unconventional coaching methods again this week, getting up in Audrey Karrasch’s face to have her sing directly to him and doing pushups with Michelle Chamuel to teach her a valuable lesson about vocal stamina. The first was just funny, but the second was a brilliant exercise that seemed to genuinely help Michelle onstage. With that, Usher hangs onto his “Most Entertaining” title again this week.

Are You Gonna Go My Way? Yes, Karina Iglesias. We are all going your way. Could you have picked a song that showed off your voice more? Yes, but your performance this week was electrifying, and I am fully onboard the Karina train.

Give Me That Nail Color. I am fixing for Danielle Bradbury’s mint green nail color. It popped the entire time she sang, and I’d like it on my nails immediately, thanks.

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