Your Daily #CaptionContest Winners Are…

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You guys. You guys. You guysArrested Development is coming back. Are you excited? Of course you are. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are excited too. I’m sure they’re excited about being featured in our daily Facebook #CaptionContest, but they’re probably more excited about the show returning. Who can say for sure, though?

Yesterday’s #CaptionContest winners, featured below, will receive a $10 banana.*

“if only they were like Katy Perry’s…” – Bjorn

“That dress DEFINITELY looks better on the floor” – Lori

“Maybe I should get you another big diamond ring for THIS hand” – Audra

“I wish I had gotten that manicure done!” – Noehmi

“Have you been biting your nails again??” – Chris

“Ummmm…let’s avoid a wardrobe malfunction and keep that elbow tucked close. Here…like this…” – Renee

*No one will actually receive a $10 banana. If you want a banana, you can find one for much less at your local supermarket or corner store!

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