The Tobey Maguire-Leonardo DiCaprio Giggle Fit That Delayed Filming of ‘The Great Gatsby’

Once upon a time, in the long-past golden era of Hollywood (the late ’90s) there was a group of famous friends called the p*ssy posse. Mostly actors who’d grown up auditioning together, the group consisted of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Lukas Haas and Kevin Connelly as well as magician David Blaine and screenwriter/director Harmony Korine. The young friends spent much of their time chasing women, which is how they got their tasteful nickname.

It’s hard to know what exactly broke up the pussy posse and since then they’ve mostly gone their separate ways; the passage of time has a way of changing us. As they aged, they grew up — except for DiCaprio who still remains dedicated to dating all the models.

On The Late Show last night, Tobey Maguire told David Letterman what it was like working with his old friend Leo on a little-heard-of indie flick called The Great Gatsby.

Well we had fun. I will say there was a day on set where Leo had to be, as Jay Gatsby, very stern with Nick Carraway and, I don’t know, it was, like, what he had to say to me and his attitude and the blocking  — he like goes up a couple of steps and like turns around very serious to me and says this stern thing. And I just started breaking up laughing.

What follows is a half-day-long giggle fit between the two comrades-in-bep*ssyed-arms.

They may not be taking last minute private jets on exotic vacations or shutting nightclubs down anymore, but it’s good to know that the pussy posse is still wreaking havoc somewhere, anywhere, even if it is on the Sydney, Australia Great Gatsby set.