One Could Use A Tipple Of Gin After This Day.

Ahead of his first grandchild’s birth in mid-July, Prince Charles held Scarlett Coleman in Poundbury, England today.  The heir to the throne was on a walkabout while celebrating the town’s 20th anniversary.

According to the Daily Mail’s Rebecca English, Poundbury, an experiment urban extension, was built on the Duchy of Cornwall’s property (as the eldest son, Charles inherited the land upon his birth).  The Prince of Wales was key in creating the town, using his ownarchitectural principles.

WATCH: Prince Charles Reads The News

Contrary to what some might assume, Charles was very involved in his sons’ upbringings.  In fact, he broke with royal tradition to be present at the birth of his children (traditionally, men were kept away until mom and baby were all spruced up, post-delivery).

Asked on BBC’s Countryfile program whether the thought of becoming a grandfather makes him feel old, Charles said “Of course it does, because you can’t believe, to a certain extent, that’s going to happen in your life. It’s a lovely thought and I look forward enormously to that relationship with a grandchild.”