Could Season 4 of ‘Downton Abbey’ Be Lady Edith’s Finest?

Downton Abbey’s Laura Carmichael and executive producer Gareth Neame popped over to Santa Monica’s Fairmont Miramar Hotel on Friday to help BritWeek celebrate the famed ITV series.

“It’s my first time in LA. and it’s lovely to come and meet other Brits who are here and doing great things and showing me the ropes,” Carmichael, in a powder blue dress and matching shoes by Christopher Kane, told us on the red carpet.

Carmichael plays the oft down-and-out middle sister, Lady Edith, who was most recently left at the altar by Sir Anthony.

Fear not, though, for Edith has found herself possibly entering into another May-December relationship.  This time with Michael Gregson, her editor at The Sketch.  Edith confirmed to us that he will be around this season.

“She’s sort of found a voice for herself and someone is interested in her for that reason,” Carmichael told us of their bond.

And what about her penchant for older men?  “She’s loves it,” Carmichael said.  “Or is it that they love her?”

Cheeky girl!

Ok, on to an equally important topic: Fashion.

“It’s fantastic,” Carmichael said about the era that put drop-waists on the map.  “Season 4 we’re in the ‘20s, so I’ve got a lot of great costumes coming up.

“Edith is having s bit of a great time, really.  She’s got a job as a writer in London, so she reflects some of the newer fashions.”

Everyone fancies themselves a bit of Downton style, so we wanted to know how the costume designers come up with such gorgeous pieces.

“All costumes are pretty much custom made,” Carmichael said.  “We look for originals and we’ll use if they’re in good enough shape. They’re 100 years old, so quite often we’ll use a bit of the fabric.

“I have one that we’ve nicknamed ‘Beadith’ because its covered in beads.  It’s an original piece of beading. It’s beautiful.”

Shooting for the fourth season is currently underway.

-With reporting by Andrea Simpson.