Maxwell Johnson Continues To Rack Up Frequent Flyer Miles

If you put a curious baby in front of me, I’ll be occupied for hours wondering what the what they’re so fascinated by.

Maxwell Johnson was mesmerized by the architectural wonder that is Los Angeles International Airport.  After deplaning, the one-year-old (she turned the big single digit on May 1st) took in the sights and sounds of Southern California while dad Eric Johnson carried her out to a waiting car.

And what’s mom Jessica Simpson up to?  Apparently yoga, and too damn much of it, if you believe the National Enquirer.

Simpson “has become so obsessed with yoga and meditation that she has little time for anything else, including her husband-to-be.” according to a source.

“She shuts herself away for hours at a time, sitting cross-legged and chanting.”

Even though the Yale grad is “happy she’s being healthy… this is way too extreme.

“When she’s not meditating, she’s reading a book about yoga or on the phone with friends talking about meditation… [Johnson] wants his fiancee back.”

Simpson insiders laughed off the rumor, telling Gossip Cop this isn’t true.