Sean and Peta: ‘There’s Nothing Going On’

Sean Lowe has played a starring role in our living rooms from The Bachelor to Dancing with the Stars. And while we thank the Texas-born furniture company president-turned-reality star for giving us some serious (and shirtless) man candy to gawk at, he’s taking his new role as fiance and mirror ball trophy contender very seriously.

Lowe chats with Celebuzz about making it this far on DWTS, his future as a stripper (listen up, Bruno Tolioni), what he really wants at his wedding, and those pesky rumors that his pro partner Peta Murgatroyd is coming between him and his wife-to-be Catherine Giudici.

You’ve made it so far on the show and are now in your eighth week. Have you surprised yourself with how far you’ve come?

I don’t want to say it’s surprising because I’m so competitive (laughs), but I understand I’m not the most gifted dancer. I know Kellie [Pickler], Zendaya and Ali [Raisman] are better dancers, but I’m trying to maybe out-work them and put in more time than they are. So I’m trying to stick around as long as I can and hopefully my work ethic will make up for lack of natural talent.

You’ve also been able to sidestep injury, unlike so many others past and present. Have you been close or staying on your feet?

The show is physically grueling and I do have aches and pains and my body is sore. But I’ve been really lucky I haven’t had any major injuries or setbacks. I consider myself really lucky.

You’ve come so far since The Bachelor that you’re now even Boots’ No7 Men’s skincare brand ambassador. We take it you’re not just one of those guys that uses soap.

It’s a great skincare line and it’ll be in the States at Walgreens June 1. I started using their moisturizer with SPF and it makes it feel good and fresh. Taking care of myself is important to me and I want to look good. I’m a guy so I don’t have a crazy routine so I’ll use a face wash in the shower and I’ve always use a moisturizer. You gotta use more than soap! (laughs)

You’re not only working your skills on the dance floor, but you’ve definitely become a pro at dealing with the media. Every week it’s something else. Do you avoid the magazines altogether?

I do avoid the magazines. I don’t go out and browse the magazines. But I see stuff and people post it on Twitter and they’re always asking me ‘is this true?’ The fact of the matter is if you read in the tabloids, it’s not true. Catherine and I are doing great.

So you’re setting the record straight — nothing is going on between you and Peta?

There’s always speculation and I knew going in to Dancing with the Stars, whether it’s Peta or another professional dancer, they’re all attractive women I knew those rumors were going to circulate. There’s nothing going on there. Catherine and I couldn’t be better. It’s just silly.

Jake Pavelka spoke with us just before the season started and gave you some advice. He said to include Catherine in your job and have her create her own relationship with Peta so it’s also on her terms. Is that wise advice?

I think I’ve done a great job with that because she has become really good friend with Peta. So she does feel like she’s a part of it.

Well, on another note, Bruno Tonioli gave you some professional insight after your shirtless performance last week. He said if you ever quit your day job stripping is in your future.

Don’t hold your breath, Bruno. (laughs) I would have to really be hurting for money to resort to stripping. I don’t se that happening.

So no Magic Mike 2 auditions any time soon.

No Magic Mike, no Chippendales. (laughs) Nothing like that.

What do you think about your new sex symbol status?

The funny thing is, I didn’t set out to be a sex symbol. I never considered myself a sex symbol. I guess it just happened naturally on The Bachelor because my shirt was off every episode. So I don’t feel any pressure. (laughs)

Have you and Catherine decided on anything yet for your wedding?

We kick around ideas, but we haven’t had the chance to sit down and plan the details. So we have a general idea of what we want in a wedding.

Can you give us any hints?

I think she wants a traditional ceremony and we both want a big party for the reception with all the family and friends and we just want it to be fun.

Do you have anything planned to spend time together as an engaged couple with no cameras around?

After the show is over we’re going to go on vacation. We don’t know where yet, but we want to sit on a beach and do nothing for like a week.

You had some of the best dates on The Bachelor which would be hard to live up to off camera. So what’s date night like for you and Catherine now?

One of the reasons I fell in love with Catherine is because she is so laid back and she doesn’t need the extravagant stuff that The Bachelor brings. So I go dancing eight hours a day and I always want to do something with her to spend quality time with her like going out to eat or take a walk through the park with my two dogs. And that’s what she wants, too. She doesn’t need the top dates.

Do you think Sean and Catherine will be one of the rare Bachelor couples who actually make it to the altar? Tell us in the comments below.