Which Superhero Would You Want To Save You And Why?

You’re being held hostage in an underground lair by a masked madman. No one can hear your cries for help, and you’ve all but given up hope. The madman tells you of a ridiculous plan to destroy the planet, but he is crazy, so you kind of believe it.  Suddenly, you hear a crash, and you see a costumed being running toward you with the intention of setting you free. Who is it?

Using the Squabbler widget below, record a 15-second video telling us which superhero you most would want to be saved by and why. Once you’ve recorded video, vote for answers left by other readers.

What is Squabbler?

Squabbler is a video engagement platform that allows users to respond to web content and interact with one another through 15-second videos. Click “Start a Squabble” on the top right to record your challenge video or reply to someone else’s challenge video by clicking “Let’s Squabble.” Once a squabble is complete, the community votes to decide a winner. Start a conversation today by being apart of the Squabbler experience.