Retta Live-Tweeted Last Night’s L.A. Kings Game

If you don’t already know Retta, allow us to introduce you. She’s a classically trained opera singer. She plays Donna on NBC’s Parks & Recreation. And she’s hilarious on Twitter.

Retta likes to live-tweet her favorite shows, including The Walking DeadThe Vampire Diaries and Scandal. Back in March, the Los Angeles Kings invited Retta to come to a game and live-tweet it.

Cut to last night when Retta went to her first hockey game, sat next to Colin Hanks, and while everyone else was squeezing into couture gowns, Retta got drunk and watched the Kings beat the St. Louis Blues in a playoff game. Of course she live-tweeted the whole experience. She had some normal concerns:

  But the Kings treated her to a very special Parks & Rec-themed jersey…

… And she got really into the game.




But Retta knows what’s really important.