How to Pose Like Adriana Lima

What woman doesn’t want to pose like an Angel?

Forget the fact that we’re, of course, not all models born with beautiful stems, a bouncy bosom and a perfectly perky booty. But don’t we still deserve that sultry, sun-drenched snap, even if it’s just for our Facebook profile?

But try as we might, somehow our beach-side bikini shots are never quite worthy of the pages of the Victoria’s Secret summer catalog.

So that’s why we’re going to take a few cues from the Adriana Lima’s latest photo shoot on the sand in St. Barts.

Here’s five quick pointers we can glean from the Brazilian beauty who’s proven time and again that she can smolder in front of the camera.

1. Peak over your shoulder.

Sneak a glance over your shoulder with a come-and-get-it stare.

2. Arch your back.

It will make the most of your curves — trust.

3. Caress your luscious locks.

Sweep it to the side, lift it at the top — either way, touching your tresses adds that je ne se quois to you photo.

4. Take to your tiptoes.

Get the high-heel affect without the painful pump.

5. Strike from the side.

Forgo the straight-on shot; instead, pose at an angle for slimmest shape.


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