Live Like A 'Supernatural' Star For $3 Million

Actor Jensen Ackles sells his must-see exquisite abode.

take a peek inside
Inside Jensen Ackles' Los Angeles Home
Supernatural hunk Jensen Ackles has made a super real estate move.

The paranormal crime fighter and wife Danneel Harris purchased the abode back in 2009 for $2.43 million only a few months after they got engaged. Now property records show that the luxurious 3,554 square foot home has been sold for a whopping $3 million.

So, what kind of mansion can that price tag get you?

The dazzling space boasts three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and has been elegantly updated with the finest touches. A soaring ceiling overlooks a custom library loft, a professional chef’s kitchen, formal living room and hardwood flooring.

And let’s not forget the breathtaking outdoor courtyard!

The gorgeous oasis comes equipped with an outdoor stainless kitchen, grassy yard with a garden and an array of assorted fruit trees. The pool and spa make for quite the view as the elegant compound and holds a two-story guesthouse with a separate gated entrance.

This isn’t the only real estate move that Ackles has made. Back in February, he sold his Studio City starter home he purchased in 2003 for $700,000.

Now go and take a look at this exquisite mansion in the gallery above.

(No, really go look at it! I seriously can't get over the interior decorating!)



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  • cardiodoc

    I'm so sick of seeing this guy's name. There's no way he made a dime off the sale of that house, not with what he had to put in it. He may have made money on other real estate ventures, but not this one. Hell, mine's for sale and I live in Brentwood in a much nicer house/area.