Shirtless Zachary Quinto Gets Down And Dirty

Thank you, Tyler Shields.

Star Trek fans got a dose of sexy Spock when the famed photographer unveiled new photos of Zachary Quinto — one where he’s sans shirt, may I add — for his star-studded portfolio.

In the snaps, the 35-year-old is seen getting down with his bad self as he rolls around in pick-up truck before literally getting dirty by getting dragged through the mud.

But Quinto’s one to take risks.

The actor, who is reprising his role of Spock in Star Trek: Into The Darkness, says his latest role came with a price as he had to continually shave his eyebrows to keep up with his character’s Vulcan appearance.

“It’s an uncomfortable aspect of having to play the character, having to shave three-quarters of my eyebrows and maintain them every day plucking them.” Quinto says. “It’s very painful and tedious.”