Your Daily #CaptionContest Winners Are…

Jennifer Lawrence, stop it. Stop winning at everything. Stop winning Oscars, stop winning The Hunger Games. Stop winning every red carpet that has ever been rolled out. You’re making the rest of us look bad.

As punishment for your embarrassing perfection and hashtag-flawless-beauty, we chose this photo for our daily Facebook #CaptionContest, with the hopes that people would take you down a peg. Unfortunately, our plan backfired, and most people chose to focus on Sarah Jessica Parker. Eh, what can you do. Here are the winning captions:

“oh I thought I was in the capitol again” – Judith

” this is how i pet my horse ” – Sana

“Haha, that´s worse then me falling at the Oscars!” - Carla

“You would be dead in 3 seconds in the HUNGER GAMES…ha ha ha ha!” – Melanio

“That hat is Awful! here, let me slap it off you!” - Randi

“”You took the horse thing to a whole other level!!!” – Admina

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