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Did Justin Bieber’s Mom Beg Selena To Visit Her Son?

Reportedly, Bieber’s mom begged Gomez to visit her son in Norway to help get him back on track after his recent troubles. Gossip Cop clears up the rumors.

Randy Jackson Confirms Exit From ‘American Idol’

After 12 years of judging, Jackson says this will be his last season with the show. Find out what he had to say on TMZ.

Who Is Amy Poehler Dating Now?

The former SNL star is dating another funny-man following her split with Will Arnett. Get the scoop on Us Weekly.

Who Has “The Worst Room” In America?

A new Tumblr showcasing some of New York’s worst apartments has been spreading like wildfire. See the unbelievably cramped pads that cost a fortune on The Frisky.

Who Is The ‘Herpes Of Music’?

Billy Joe Armstrong had some strong words to say about a fellow musician. Read the full story on Huffington Post.

Ryan Gosling Memes Make The Week Better

It’s almost Friday and we really needed a pick-me-up. Ryan Gosling to the rescue. You must see these hilarious memes on Hollywood.com.