‘American Idol’ Recap: The Top 3 Compete

American Idol has finally made it to the Top 3 and this year’s finalists are some serious contenders. Kree Harrison, Angie Miller and Candice Glover made visits to their hometowns this week and gave their first-ever concerts to packed crowds of friends, family and fans.

All three women had to perform three songs this week; a judges’ pick, a production pick, and one song selected by Jimmy Iovine. By the end of the night, the music mogul said each girl won a round, but I think the night belonged to Candice. She continues to prove she’s in a league of her own, even with her formidable opponents.

For the first round, the ladies will lend their voices to songs chosen by Jimmy Iovine. For Kree, he picks “Prefect” by Pink and I have no idea why.  He’s been bugging me all season, but now I’m really peeved. This song does nothing for Kree’s beautiful voice and it’s so against her style.

Candice cracks U2’s “One” wide open with her ridiculous range and killer control. While I’m once again annoyed by Jimmy’s silly song choice, Candice still pulls it off.

Angie gets “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” by Elton John and she doesn’t even use the piano. What a waste. Her vocals are good and she really seems to be feeling this one without being corny and theatrical. It’s like she’s showing genuine emotion for the first time all season. I thought she would be the underdog this week, but if this performance is any indication, we may be in for an upset. 

Round two features some snoozey selections from judges, Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson and Mariah Carey.

Candice’s version of “Next To Me” by Emily Sande is super strong vocally, but I don’t love this song for her. It’s fun and light-hearted but I want to hear Candice sing her heart out. This tune doesn’t provide the platform for her to do that. Still, it’s a solid showing.

Angie does a better job at Pink’s “Try” than I thought she would. Even though she seems to be uncertain what to do with her body during an up-tempo song, she pulls off the big chorus’ and edgy lyrics very well. She also proves that her sometimes show-tuney voice could be well suited for radio. This girl came to play!

Kree gives a lackluster performance of Rascal Flatts’ “Here Comes Goodbye.” It may be a bad omen for what’s to come tomorrow night if she doesn’t bring it in the next round. It’s not that it’s bad — it’s just not the knockout delivery I’ve come to expect from this brown-haired beauty. Something is off. Come on, Kree!

The third round raises the bar with production’s picks for the last ladies standing.

Angie sings “Maybe” by Emily Sande (Seriously, are they plugging a certain artist tonight?) and finally takes her seat at the piano. I wish she would have used it earlier–it’s truly her sweet spot. Still, this turn may be enough to get her through, as the vocals are spot on and she’s finally emoting. Still, everything she sings sounds the same to me, and a bit too Broadway to stand against radio ready Kree and Candice. The truth is, I’m totally torn. Angie deserves to stay around after her strong showing tonight.

When Kree belts out “Better Dig Two” by the The Band Perry, I’m a little disappointed that this is her last chance to steal a spot. She seems defeated by the big notes, even though we know she can hit them. Maybe the subject matter is daunting after her emotional trip to the home she shared with her deceased parents. I get that the story is important, but at this point the producers are milking it and it may be getting to her. Her voice is still beautiful, but Angie is doing a little too well for her to be so iffy.

Candice closes the show with “Somewhere” from West Side Story and it’s incredible. She earns the night’s only standing ovation and seals her spot in the finale for sure. This girl is on fire.