‘Gravity’ Teaser Trailer: George Clooney And Sandra Bullock (May) Crash And Burn

It’s time to defy gravity. Like, for real.

Almost one year since its initial projected release date, the first teaser trailer for director Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity has been released — and it’ll seriously make your head spin.

Starring Oscar winners George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, the sci-fi flick centers around two astronauts who — after having their shuttle destroyed during a routine spacewalk — must find a way back home before they run out of oxygen and spiral out of control into the great unknown.

In the sneak peek, Bullock is seen gasping and grasping for a safety harness as floats away from her spaceship.

Will she crash and burn — both literally in the movie and figuratively at the box office?

Only time will tell. The movie is slated to release Oct. 14.