Here Are Some ‘Arrested Development’ Mother’s Day Cards And Other Funny Things

That’s right, my friends, Mother’s Day is Sunday. Hope you didn’t forget! Run out, buy your cards, your flowers, your box of quality chocolates. Or just email her one of these clever Arrested Development cards and call it a day. She deserves at least that. Probably more, but I won’t judge your laziness, for I, too, am

Sorry, I took a nap because I didn’t feel like finishing that sentence. Now that I’m fully rested, let’s move into the latest edition of Celebrity Meme Roundup, in which we’ll encounter Lana Del Reys incredible singing voice, a new episode of “Between Two Ferns,” and Jennifer Lawrence doing something crazy. Let the memes begin! 

If the Lindsay Bluth card isn’t your style, maybe a different Arrested Development character card will better suit your needs this Sunday:

(Cards via Flavorwire)

Did you catch the latest episode of “Between Two Ferns,” starring Zach Galifianakis and James Franco? Lonely Island fans may find this video of interest, just sayin’…

How about that Met Gala, huh? Fashion! It’s so crazy! Here are some entertaining look-alikes inspired by the big night:

(Look-alikes via BuzzFeed)


Time for a snack break! Let’s enjoy some Quentin “Tortellini” Tarantino:

Have you ever wondered what celebrities would look like with really large heads? Wonder no more:

(Bobbleheads via Imgur)

See, Lana Del Rey can sing!

Let’s continue to have a hearty LOL over the Reese Witherspoon arrest drama:

(GIFs via Rats Off)

We end our program today with classic paintings made way better by adding a celebrity subject:

(Paintings via Worth 1000)

And with that, we end this week’s Celebrity Meme Roundup. But it doesn’t really have to end here. Send us your favorite memes and macros by using the widget below:

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See you next week!