‘I’m, Like, Sad Sometimes’: Farrah Abraham Talks About Why She Made a Sex Tape

Farrah Abraham continues to try to convince us her porn tape is actually a private sex tape that got leaked. Her latest stop on her tour to promote something she claims to be embarrassed about is Entertainment Tonight where she proves that, as a former reality star, she has a tenuous grasp on reality.

If Abraham is to believed, she decided to hire porn star James Deen to have sex with her and film it, all the with intent that it would remain private. On her motivation (all quotes transcribed verbatim):

I have no relationships and I’m, like, sad sometimes. So, taking all this into consideration, which some find it hard to, that’s what brought me here today.

Asked why Abraham decided to hire a porn star to make a sex tape with her, rather than, say, having sex with someone she knows:

I was under the belief this would help better protect me and my privacy. So I was like, “if this guy is so professional and everything is gonna be fine,” then I was like, “I’m happier with this choice.”

James Deen, meet bus. Abraham continued to blame her sex partner for the tape’s release, saying he was the one who initially shopped it around to adult entertainment companies.

As for what she made for released the sex tape, Farrah isn’t saying, but don’t worry it’s way more than you think she made.

You know, I don’t want to talk about things financially, I’m pretty private like that, but I did make more than people hear, so some information is wrong.

Here are some other highlights from Farrah Abraham’s my-porno-isn’t-a-porno tour. On why she made the video in the first place (again, verbatim):

I’m celebrating my body and I’m celebrating my feminine side. This is something that never should’ve been talked about publicly. This is something that I wanted for when I’m older because I want those sexy photos of me on my best year. This is my year to celebrate that to me. This was for me and just, like, how I represent things for myself. This was for me to see. And also just so, you know, some women feel sexy in different lingerie or, like, whatever they feel sexiest in so I like also sexy photos done.

And on being a professional:

I’m always about my work. I’m a professional and I’m about creating more things for this world so that it’s a better place than how I found it. And that’s what I’m working hard at. I’m a great mother, I’m a great individual and I don’t need things produced in a drama way or construted [sic] to be in a different light, being a negative on me, because I’m my own person without those things.

Okay then.