Justin Bieber, Your Stage Crasher Just Wanted To Say Hi And Give You A Big Hug

By: Andrea Simpson / May 9, 2013

Justin Bieber, listen up, you’re alleged attacker (who busted up your piano and totally freaked you out) has something to say to you.

In a radio interview this week, the anonymous and alleged stage crasher who charged at the “Boyfriend” singer during his concert in Dubai on May 5 gave an interview with 104.4 Virgin Radio Dubai.

And attempted an apology… oh, and doesn’t like being called an ‘attacker.’

“That really, really upset me. I was just trying to say hi and take a picture,” he told the host.

Apparently, he was just so overwhelmed with Bieber Fever, he couldn’t help but rush the stage to get a closer look at the 19-year-old heartthrob.

“I just wanted just a chance to go on the stage and hug him,” he said. According to radio host Brent Black, the alleged attacker contacted the station independently to confess and because of all the haters he was kept anonymous for his own safety. “His parents are unaware of his situation, and we wanted to avoid any kind of home trouble… plus thousands of little girls hated him,” Black told Celebuzz. But now after listening to his plea, Beliebers have apparently calmed down and come to their senses by calling into the station and taking to social media to forgive the stage crasher, said Black. And luckily for Biebs, the crazed fan’s attempt at giving him a tight squeeze was thwarted by security, who tackled the kid to the ground. Phew! “I brought my arm like I wanted to hug him and say Justin Bieber you’re my idol, that’s it. I think he’s gonna hug me and that’s not happened.” He admits he just wasn’t thinking straight, being that J-Biebs was thisclose to him. “I didn’t mean to scare him or cut the song,” he added. “I’m a true Believer and I’m so sorry to the security and all the staff.”