A Caption Contest Mystery: Is Anne Hathaway Wearing Underwear?

Who are we? Why were we put on this earth? How many Doritos is too many Doritos? Did Anne Hathaway forget to put on underwear the day this photo was taken?

We may never know the answers to these burning questions — except the one about Doritos, because the answer is obviously NO SUCH THING AS TOO MANY DORITOS! — but uncertainty makes for the best caption contests. Here are a few of our favorite submissions, via our fans on Facebook:

“Did I put on underwear?” – Lia

“If I don’t change my expression maybe nobody will notice the fart.” – Sarah

“I’m Just gonna Pretend that I didn’t see that huge bugger on his finger” – Nikki

“maybe i can sneak to the dessert table without him noticing” – Bell

“omg- WHY did I think blonde hair with thick dark eyebrows was a good idea!?” – Emily

“Where did I put my glasses??” – Tracy

“Perhaps I’ll make a bag of popcorn later on tonight” – Jamese

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