CommentBuzz: In Which We Discuss Met Gala Fashion, Queen Amanda Bynes, And Your Exciting Weekend Plans

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Do you have any weekend plans? Mm, mmhmm. Yeah. That sounds really fun! Hashtag JELLZ! I wish I were [insert fun weekend activity like “going to the beach” or “planning a bank heist with my besties”] too! It would have been nice of you guys to include me in your plans, but I’m not angry. It’s OK. I forgive you. I’m really over it, so don’t worry. I mean, I have some pretty fun plans of my own, to be honest. Like sitting in my apartment, thinking back on the amazing events of the week over an entire bottle a glass of bourbon. For example: remember the Met Gala? That was fun. “Sure was,” I’ll say to myself. And that fan that attacked Justin Bieber? “The Biebs handled it so well,” I’ll add. #WeekendsAreFun

Before we all head out — you to the beach, me to the musty, ant-filled studio I call home — we should do something together to commemorate The Week That Was. So let me share with you a few of my favorite reader comments. We do this every Friday, and to be featured, it’s as easy as leaving comments on your favorite articles. Inviting me with you to the beach may also help you chances. Just saying.

Without further delay, here are our favorite reader comments:

Mariah Carey debuted a “#Beautiful” new music video:

“A Mimi music video without close-up shots of Mimi wouldn’t be a Mimi music video worth watching” – mwapner

We talked a lot about the attractiveness of different celebrities. (SPOILER ALERT: Most of them are above-average!):

“Ryan Gosling is always so hot but looks the best when he is winking playfully. He reminds me of a golden retriever puppy so adorable. I can see why he drives us women nuts. Him, Tom Brady and George Clooney are the ultimate fantasies.” – heatherrose13

“Miley Cyrus is hot” – nickp

“They have to be joking!! I could name at least a dozen other women some who are twice her age that are not only hotter than Cyrus but far more sexier. Whoever voted for her must’ve been in a cave for a few decades & she was the first female they saw when they left it & returned to civilization” – buttlovinbear401

“The world’s most beautiful woman…according to some blind editors at People!” – hotwasabi21

We rejoiced at the ever-growing cameo list for Anchorman 2:

“Tina and Amy in anchorman 2?! This is incredible!” – lizcal

Of course, Met Gala fashion was a hot topic:

“Very disappointed in Gwen’s choice; it’s sooo drab! There’s so many fun things she could’ve done with a punk theme, yet she wears a plain pink dress that doesn’t even look tailored right. Is it just me, or do her sleeves look too short?” – hotwasabi21

“[Kristen Stewart] never opts for the sexy style and boring, always innovative and risky, she has courage and style, she carries all too well what to wear, it is called esltilo own!!
She is amazing, always surprising!!” – Cristina

J. Law can do no wrong!” – hotwasabi21

“love it. suits beyonce really well. the little part of the dress showing her leg really give it a sexy kick to it.” – midnightvodka

And what would our lives be without giving some thought to Queen Amanda Bynes?

“I wonder what would Amanda do if for at least one week nobody covered her and gave her attention…” – lizcal

On-again, off-again, who-cares-again couple, Rihanna and Chris Brown, are off-slash-who-cares-again:

“We’ll see how long this breakup lasts! Hopefully for good, but then look at bieber and Gomez!” – hotwasabi21

And, to conclude, a sympathetic look at Reese Witherspoon’s recent troubles. Anyone else down to trend #LeaveReeseAlone?

“Poor Reese! Just goes to show you….celebrities are people too. How would I like to have my business aired across the country? No thanks. The downside of being famous. Fans put these stars on pedestals and then rip email apart when they make a mistake. It would drive me crazy to have paparazzi swarming around me….like flies. I think it makes her normal. She shouldn’t have to apologize about anything. BTW, why is her hair colored here? Isn’t she a natural blonde?” – mary11

That’s all we have time for this week, Celebuzzers. Thanks for contributing! Remember, if you want to be featured in next week’s CommentBuzz, simply leave comments on your favorite articles.

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