How Great Gatsby Would Live in New York Now

The Great Jay Gatsby — he remains the man, the myth, the legend of the Roaring Twenties.

But what if this larger-than-life literary character lived outside the Jazz Era? How would his lavish lifestyle — from those sprawling private parties and swanky speakeasies, to the flashy mansions, cars and fashions — translate to a different decade?

Well, we're finding out — by dropping the distinguished Gatsby (hypothetically, of course) into the twenty-first century. Here's how we would imagine the big spender rolling in present-day New York.

The Girl: For Gatsby, it all starts with the apple of his eye. Perhaps he would find his modern-day Daisy Buchanan in a socialite like Olivia Palermo. She's not like those loose flapper girls — she's sophisticated, stylish and, most importantly, posher-than-thou.

The House: Gatsby would masquerade as a millionaire in an East Hampton mansion, where he would call such Hollywood royalty as Jerry Seinfeld, Steven Spielberg, and Russel Simmons neighbors. And the amusement park-sized mega manse be adorned with the works, from several bedrooms, bathrooms, and guest homes, to a pool, a tennis court, and maybe even a golf course.

The Club: A run-of-the-mill country club out on the Island would be far beneath the Great Gatsby. The prodigal would instead opt for Manhattan's most prestigious members-only spots, like SoHo House — where he'd rub shoulders with VIPs like Nicole Kidman, Uma Thurman, and Robert DeNiro — and would even wiggle his way into The Harvard Club, in a bid to protect his highly-educated front.

The Soirees: In 1920s Long Island, Gatsby was renowned for his fanciful weekend-long fetes. But in this day and age, the host would have to compete with the balls-to-the-walls bashes held by bold-faced names, from P. Diddy’s White Party to Oprah's Legends Ball. To up the ante on them all, Gatsby would surely boast bottomless Cristal, five-star restaurant horderves, a high-priced DJ on the 1s and 2s, a bountiful of beautiful women, and let's be honest, likely more narcotics than Studio 54 saw in its heyday.

The Ride: Gatsby would be rolling down 5th Avenue in a Rolls Royce Phantom — in solid gold. The luxury car would set him back a cool $8.2 million, but no price tag is too lofty for Gatsby when it comes to having wheels to impress the woman of his dreams.

The Phone: Speaking of gold, Gatsby would get his hands on the customizable, hand-crafted 24-carat gold iPhone — studded with Swarovski crystals, to boot — because how could his cell phone not be couture?

The Hotel: For a night in the city, Gatsby would throw down thousands — petty cash to him — for a lavish stay at the Plaza Hotel, where would of course, ever so fittingly, stay in the Fitzgerald Suite.

The Suit: Any man of the moment would be hopping aboard the Tom Ford train. Gatsby would join the A-list followers like Justin Timberlake in dressing to the nines in the on-the-rise suit marker's cutting-edge menswear collection. And, for good measure, he'd be sure to have Alexander Amosu's priciest suit on the planet — over a $100,000 worth of rare animal thread, all adorned with gold and diamond buttons — in his closet.



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  • ckenderdine

    I partially disagree. Yes Gatsby was a wealthy, wealthy man. But Gatsby only spent his riches for one reason and one reason one; for the attention of Daisy Buchanan. He bought His mansion for the sole reason that it was across the bay from Daisy. He threw lavish parties for the distinct possibility that Daisy Buchanan might show. He spent his life, his riches for the one his heart belonged to and waited for. Everything thing else was in vain to him. But other than that, awesome article! Very nice out together and written. :)

  • ckenderdine

    I partially disagree. Yes this might be how he would live today being Gatsby was a wealthy