Ke$ha Surprises No One With This Wild Outfit

Can Ke$ha prove she’s the craziest kid of them all? She already has. But, bless her heart, that doesn’t stop her from trying.

The hard-partying pop star took a crack at the title yet again by throwing on every item in her wacky wardrobe while shooting the music video for “Crazy Kids,” the third single off her Warrior album.

What did that include? Well, a way-too-long list of mismatched styles: a pink bustier, a blue-and-white plaid button-down, a hoodie embroidered with a dollar sign, booty denim shorts with gold hearts patched on the back pockets, bow-adorned thigh-highs, and platform white sneakers.

And that’s not even counting her hodgepodge of gold accessories — chains hanging from her hips and neck, chunky heart-shaped hoop earrings, oversize round glasses, and bracelets and rings for days.

The cherry on top? Her multicolored cornrows.

But even with all that going on, the getup is pretty predictable at this point. Really, would you expect any different from the girl who donned these fashions?

Nowadays, Ke$ha falls into the Lady Gaga category, raising the most eyebrows when she steps out like this:

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