Prince Harry Turns D.C. Women into Blithering Idiots

Immediately after landing in America yesterday, real life royal person Prince Harry stopped by the U.S. Capitol. Was he greeted there by various dignitaries and elected officials? No he was not. Prince Harry was greeted by a crowd of screaming women, like a freaking One Direction concert. The only difference is, these women were not teenagers, but staffers in the Capitol, one of the nation’s most important and historical buildings.

Come on, ladies, you’re better than this. You are some of the brightest, most talented women in the nation! You all went to college, many of you probably worked very hard to get post-graduate degrees from prestigious universities and you now all hold important jobs working for some of the nation’s most powerful people. What did Prince Harry ever do besides be born to the right parents and get naked at a party one time?

Through all the commotion, it’s likely almost nothing got done at the Capitol yesterday. The good news is, that doesn’t seem to be much different from any other day.

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