So Who Is The Genius That Named Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape ‘Back Door Teen Mom’?

Farrah Abraham’s first foray into public sex on camera was so impressive it captivated audiences around the world and made her a millionaire overnight — but the insider think tank at Vivid Entertainment’s deserves some of the credit for its success thanks to one of the more memorable titles in celebrity sex tape history.

“We wanted to be fairly direct and let people know that this is what the movie contains and you know what you’re getting when you pay your money for it,” said Hirsch.

“We started with ‘Farrah Superstar’ and from there we wanted to get into the subtitle exactly what this tape is about, ” he added. ” [A]nd we thought Backdoor Teen Mom said it all as tastefully as possible.”

Given that the tape was was watched by more than 2 million people in a 24-hour span ‘iconic’ might be a better adjective to describe it. But how does the title-naming process work?

According to CB! sources, it’s actually small group of elite porn connoisseurs at Vivid who put their boinking caps on to come up with the title.

Two in the naming game — producer Shylar Cobi and actor-director Paul Thomas, added the source — including, of course, head honcho Hirsch and his sister Marci, who’s VP of Production.

“It’s really all about talking back and forth, brainstorming, making jokes and there you go,” said our source.

“A lot of it comes from internally talking to other people in the office before a final decision is made to hash out ideas and see what sticks.

Even Farrah could have input if she wanted to, Hirsch said, but in this case her initial reaction just about said it all.

“I saw her look at the poster and saw her cringe a little bit,” Hirsch said. “I think she was surprised to see that.”

But he makes no apologies

“We are the ones who make the decision and we paid a lot of money for this thing and we wanted to be sure that people knew exactly what they were getting and that added to the marketing aspect.”

So is a part 2 in the pipeline?

Hirsch says the newly-minted not-so-teen porn queen has had enough between the sheets… on camera, that is.

“I don’t think so. I think she kind of did her thing. She’s expressed she doesn’t want to do it again,” said Hirsch. “I think she’s done. But you never know, that’s today.”