Stop Caring About Everything Except This New ‘Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal’ Meme

Move over, cats! Get over yourselves, Celebrities Without Teeth! Take a hike, “Hey, Girl…“! There’s a new boss meme in town, and it’s… Vine clips? OK… Of — wait for it — RYAN GOSLING! (That’s what we call “burying the lede.” But it makes for great suspense, so I get to keep my job. For now.)

Internet Genius Ryan McHenry filmed a series of Vines (six-second videos, and basically just GIFs with sound, for those not in “the know”) in which he holds up a spoonful of cereal to Ryan Gosling onscreen, only Ryan refuses to eat! Every. Single. Time.

He won’t eat it in Drive, he won’t eat it in Blue Valentine. He won’t eat it on a train, a plane, or, most disturbingly, with green eggs and ham. Which begs the question: what does he eat for breakfast? It’s the most important meal of the day, Ryan! Get it together!

View the Vines below. You won’t regret it. Or get anything done today.


Thank you, Internet Gods!