Watch the Music Video for Mariah Carey's New Song '#Beautiful'

The title of Mariah Carey's "#Beautiful" may have gone to her head a little bit, as evident by the song's just-released music video.

Although it kicks off with Carey's singing cohort, Miguel, the video inevitably becomes obsessed with cutting to close-up shots of Carey's behind, legs and beyond, all while she seduces a motorcycle. There's also a weird sequence in which Carey dances around in a romantically lit barn, which is basically what I imagine happened after the cameras stopped rolling for her episode of Cribs.

So far, the song has been doing pretty well on the iTunes charts, though whether it will become Mariah's 19th number-one hit remains to be seen.

In the meantime, check out the video -- above -- and learn the words at Directlyrics. (Because let's face it, you'll be singing this song in your car soon.)



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  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee

    Great singing, but she should have performed all of the song. The record should be heard most by her. She is still terrific in her cues

  • John E. Jones
    John E. Jones

    Yes, she has A fantastic voice however if she put some clothes on &did something besides the warbleing hip hop crap she`d be a failure.It`s her looks that sell.

  • mwapner

    A Mimi music video without close-up shots of Mimi wouldn't be a Mimi music video worth watching.