J.J. Abrams Promises ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Is ‘Bigger’ And ‘More Emotional’

Trekkies, buckle up — because Starfleet has bigger adventures on the horizon.

James Kirk, Spock and the entire U.S.S. Enterprise crew are blasting back into outer space in the highly-anticipated, action-packed Star Trek Into Darkness, J.J. Abrams’ sequel to his reboot of the classic sci-fi franchise. And the director is confident that this film will leave the last in the dust.

“We wanted to approach this movie not as a sequel, but as a stand-alone movie so you never had to see the first film that we did or the original series,” Abrams told Celebuzz’s Cory Lopez.  “But we wanted to make this movie, without question, a bigger movie, a more emotional movie, more action and more intensity.”

While the film will translate even for first-time Trek viewers, long-time Star Trek aficionados will surely find familiar elements from the Gene Roddenberry original in Into Darkness.

“We wanted to just kind of up the ante a little bit,” Abrams explained. “But if you are a fan, you will definitely see things that are callbacks for you and references to things that you know a love…. We’re trying to give it a little bit more action and adventure, but we’re still honoring the characters, and the paradigms, and the archetypes.”

“And what’s been nice with Star Trek is that most of the fans, even those who were sort of doubting at the beginning, have come to appreciate that we really do honor what they know and love,” he continued. “I know for sure that you can’t please everyone. And if you keep thinking from the outside in, ‘What are they going to think? What are they going to think?’ you can kind of get paralyzed with doubt and sort of second-guessing. So I try to approach this as authentically as possible.”

As for the future of the franchise, Abrams would certainly be open to taking the reigns again, though his helming of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII could stand in the way timing-wise.

“There is no official conversation yet about a third one. If and when that happens, I’d be thrilled to have that conversation [of directing],” he said. “But depending on schedule, I may not be the person directing it. But I would definitely be involved as a producer.”

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