Jack Bauer is Coming Back to Television

It’s just the news 24 fans were waiting for: Fox is bringing the popular show back for a special 12-episode run in May 2014. It will be called 24: Live Another Day and both Kiefer Sutherland (who plays Jack Bauer) and original showrunner Howard Gordon (now working on Homeland) will return.

The show’s format will be a little different this time around. Originally each season of 24 was 24 episodes long with each hourlong episode unfolding in real time to tell the story of one full day. This time around, the 12-episode season will focus on a more than 24 hour period according to Fox entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly.

“I miss the character terribly and I know Kiefer does, too,” Reilly said, confirming the show’s return this morning.

It’s been a long road for 24 which originally aired on Fox from 2001-2010. Last year plans for a film adaptation of the show fell through after 20th Century Fox and Imagine TV couldn’t agree on a budget. It’s n0t yet clear if the show’s new season will lead to another effort to bring Jack Bauer to the big screen.