@RoyalReview Recaps Prince Harry’s Trip To Colorado

Prince Harry’s historic trip to the 2013 Warrior Games went off without a hitch.  After landing in Colorado on Friday night, the spare helped serenade Olympian Missy Franklin for her birthday.  Then it was off to Colorado Springs for a sporting event that brought together both UK and US wounded veterans and their supporters.

The cause is one that’s very close to Harry’s heart, as he’s a patron of the UK’s Walking With The Wounded, and recently announced that he’ll travel to the South Pole with the organization.

We’ve been following Kelly Harrison of Keep Calm and Harry On throughout the prince’s US tour, who’s given us a play-by-play on our favorite ginger.

Fact: Harry’s a fast walker and bites his nails, Harrison noted.  Oh, and he’s not afraid to use the most public of restrooms:

Aaaand he’s not above being part of a human pyramid.