‘Candidly Nicole’: A Foray Into First-Date Fashion

Single women everywhere always wonder — what do you wear to wow on a first date?

Well fret no further, for Nicole Richie is lending her style savvy to break down how dress on a romantic rendezvous in the latest episode of her hit webseries, Candidly Nicole.

The fashion maven takes girlfriend Erin Foster to Satine boutique in Los Angeles to help her find a first-date look, dragging along a guy pal Ben Lyons for a dude’s opinion. What the threesome soon discover is what the Man Repeller has been preaching for years — women often love outfits that displease men.

“I think it’s a common problem with girls not to know the difference between what’s appropriate to wear in front of a guy and what’s appropriate to wear in front of a girl,” Nicole says. “There is a difference in what a girl thinks it cute and what a guy thinks is cute.”

One primary point of fashion contention: harem pants. “I mean, she looks cute,” Nicole says of black bottom’s Erin has tried on. “What the f**k are harem pants?” a baffled Ben asks, ogling at the beautiful blonde’s outfit.

“It’s a dropped crotch,” Nicole explains, tugging on her trendy printed trousers — which Ben hilariously terms “MC Hammer” pants — for clarification. “And then they’re tighter around the bottom half of the leg. It’s just not a guy’s outfit…. It’s definitely a girl’s outfit.”

“But I’m a girl,” Erin implores, “and I’m hatin’ it.”

Well, seems the jury is still out on harems. But Ben is right on one thing — any resemblance to the below surely won’t win you a second date.