Ke$ha Is “Crazy” For Today’s Caption Contest

Thi$ i$ a picture of popular $inger and autotune-lover Ke$ha on the $et of a music video for a $ong called “Crazy Kid$.” What do we think? $exy? $illy? No one’$ tired of the whole “$-instead-of-the-letter-s” thing, right?

Based on the reactions of our Facebook fans, we aren’t loving this look. Then again, have we ever truly loved a Ke$ha look? I feel like no? I mean, no judgment if you like it. To each his-or-her own. But you don’t have to love it to caption it, and caption it you did. Here are a few of my favorite$:

“can we say mary had a little lamb?” – Desiree

“What!?!? Lady Gaga’s coming to get her clothes back” – Anthony

“looks like Elton John,Little Bo-Peep and a teletubby got into an accident and this is what’s left.” – Don B

“E-Gads, What was I thinking?” – Nancy

“I can’t see sh*t with this onion rings on!” – Alexandra

“I could not figure out if I wanted to be a granny, a gangster, or a Bo-Peep Stripper this morning, so I decided to be all three!!” – Evy

“The invitation said, casual-chic… Are the chucks too casual?” – Kelli

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