Oprah Winfrey Has a Farm — And It’s Gorgeous

Oprah Winfrey is putting the “O” in EE-I-EE-I-O.

The media mogul has opened the doors to her Maui, Hawaii farm in the June 2013 issue of O Magazine, showing off her 780 acres of lush terrain in the gorgeous editorial spread.

“It felt like we were not using the land to its ultimate potential and purpose and giving back to the people of the land, so right now, we’re growing all these vegetables,” Winfrey, 59, says of the produce her farm grows.

“We tested our soil and enriched our soil and we have have some of the richest… I mean our soil is like chocolate around here.”

However, a photographic tour of her agricultural retreat is the tip of the iceberg: Winfrey is also hosting a contest in which loyal readers can win a chance to tour the farm with the Queen of TV and enjoy a meal prepared by her personal chef.

Um, our mouths are salivating.