‘World’s Worst Tenants’ Star Todd Howard Cried During ‘Precious’

In preparation for tonight’s season 2 finale of World’s Worst Talents, star Todd Howard was tasked with taking the ultimate Celebuzz Star Survey.

How did he do? Well, let’s just say, the last movie he says he cried during was Precious.

See more of his answers, below. Then be sure to watch World’s Worst Tenants tonight at 10PM on Spike.

The last movie I cried during was … I definitely cried in the movie Precious. It was a very sad story and I am always moved by real stories of human suffering. I detest people who prey on weaker people, especially children and it infuriates me to see it.

The amount of weight I can bench press is … That’s funny. Everyone always asks that question. I am not a big bench presser at all. In fact I rarely bench press. I believe that the bench press is more of an EGO builder than a chest builder. My goal is to stay healthy and fit for a lifetime. My max when I was younger was 500 or so. Now my new motto is, “LOOK STRONG.” With an emphasis on look. [Laughs]

The one celebrity I would evict from fame would be … It would have to be Popeye The Sailor Man. Why? Because I am jealous. He’s got bigger, thicker and stronger forearms than me and always wins his girls approval no matter what he does.

The most embarrassing song on my iPod is ... That’s easy, “I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt” by Right Said Fred

The number of Fast and the Furious movies I’ve seen is … Only the first one. I’m jealous of Vin Diesel. I always thought he was short, then I found out he’s taller than me. [Laughs]

The one thing people might not know about Randye is … Randye is a very private person, very camera-shy and uncomfortable speaking in front of people. If she had her choice, she prefers to support from behind the scenes. She also has an IQ that is 5 times above mine. (Don’t tell her I said that. She’ll use it against me — again. [Laughs])

My favorite Real Housewife is … Are you asking me what I think of highfalutin women running around gossiping like a flock of cackling hens spending their husbands’ money?! Uh, that would be none. [Laughs]

The way I would describe Rick’s goatee would be … Ever-changing. Different day; different Color.

My weirdest celebrity encounter was with … Many fans and readers may be too young to remember the movie Purple Rain with Prince. However, in 1984 I was deployed overseas as a Marine and my fellow Marines and I loved that movie. I probably saw it 20 times and memorized most of the dialog. Now Prince — or whatever his name is now — was a cool dude; but Morris Day and The Time Band were equally cool. Fast-forward 29 years on a Boeing 767 Jet headed to New York. The plane lands and we stand to retrieve our luggage from the overhead compartments. The guy sitting directly in front of me says to me, “Hey man, love your show!” I tell him thank you and I make small talk. As I look at him closer, I realize it is none other than Jerome Benton of Morris Day and the Time, who was featured in Purple Rain. I said, “Holy crap, you’re Jerome from Purple Rain!” We high-fived and I told him how as a young Marine I watched the movie over and over, listened to the Time, etc. Jerome was a cool dude. It was really weird that he was my fan and I was his bigger fan.

The second-weirdest celebrity moments were with myself, not as myself but as Stone Cold Steve Austin. For years people have insisted that I was Stone Cold, even on the phone. I’ve signed autographs, taken pictures and was once nearly arrested by 12 LAPD’s guns drawn locked and loaded pointed at me. The call was that Stone Cold Steve Austin had gone crazy and was assaulting people with a sledge hammer. When in truth my truck was wedged in a low clearance parking garage and I was using a sledge hammer and a couple 2×4’s to try and free it at midnight. One of the neighbors in the complex didn’t like the noise, so instead of helping me as I asked him, he decided to have words with me and call the cops. Cops ended up letting me go and explained the whole funny story to me about the call in. Oh and I didn’t get out of there without signing an autograph for one of the rookie cops that the others insisted to that I was Stone Cold.

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