The Results Of This Zac Efron Caption Contest Were Predictable

Not gonna lie, there is a common theme running through most of the captions we received for this photo of Zac Efron. Can you guess what that theme is? SPOILER ALERT! It’s poo. The theme is poo. Because he looks like he’s pooing. I hope I didn’t ruin the surprise for anyone, but, c’mon, we all knew where this was going. I simply felt it best to jump to the juicy (sorry) conclusion.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy today’s scatological-themed captions, because I sure did!

“I can’t hold it any longer!” – Nancy

“Look at me! I’m doing my best Farrah Abraham impersonation!” – Angela

“I’m giving birth to a foot!” – Jalisa

“And squeezeeeeeeeee” – Rosanna

“Poo poo party in my pants.” – Donna

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