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  • bravomissiomo

    Once again, Alex you bring it on! Totally relate to having a husband who uses the same stragegy as Terry (and Simon)> on the "word debative" issue. I totally cringed when Terry said "didn't you say tutor twice?" Ugh its so annoying. I do find it strange for Terry to have so vocally accepted his crime in using the D word, and a bit confused as to whether it was said to makea a surefire storyline for them or it was true. Don't see them as putting things out there about their life so negatively. As far as Tamra goes, her personality seems so much more aggressive and high and mighty that iits irrirating. i think its probably her possision in show status. but i see the same snottiness in gretchen too. vicki.... vicki vicki vicki.... what are you gonna do about brooks? I really believe she loves him - right or wrong - but think brianna and whats his name are completely wrong! Let her live her life!! If it turns out he's a loser (a good chance) then let it go.

  • Calvin Right
    Calvin Right

    None of these women are likeable Ive concluded! Heather is too bossy and actressy. Tamra is a total dramaqueen and cant be real to save her life its all calculated. She isnt having any realisation its just another TV sympathy moment to her. Gretchen is total phoney and very jealous and spiteful this season. Alexis is also being totally phoney with her husband they just want to plug their new business so putting on happy happy front. Vicki is an erratic mess as per usual and very hard to like with her self pity and weakness with her own family. This episode she was damn right rude in so many ways. Her face looks no different either so waste of money :/ That new girl is just out of place and lacks substance I dont get why she was chosen. They needed to bring in a strong character to put these ridiculous women in their place. This girl seems weak and a follower. Kinda useless really.

  • fanofthewives

    Tamra is getting blasted over at the Bravo site. She didn't blog for a few weeks and when she posted her latest, the viewers responded with over 700 angry comments, many demanding that Bravo fire her! Gretchen isn't getting any love either. I think they are both acting like bullies (yes BULLIES!) this year & it is making Alexis and Vicki more likeable. As for the Heather/Terry divorce drama, I agree with the other poster here. I am not buying it. Heather is a terrible candidate for reality tv because she is: 1) smart 2) self aware and 3) a real actress. There is no way we are going to get a real peep into their private lives...everything she does is carefully vetted. I want at least some reality in my reality tv so I skip the Heather parts of the show these days.

  • housewivesfan

    Actually, to me the whole Terry/Heather "fight" looks as if it was done for the camera. He kept apologizing and begging her forgiveness and that led to his using "the D word"? I think Heather, the actress, is looking for more air time and unfortunately for her, Terry is not a good actor. Their anger does not look real (compare to Simon and Tamra or Adrienne and Paul - those were angry couples)

  • Cynthia Beaumont
    Cynthia Beaumont

    Great recap! love your blouse!

  • Alex McCord
    Alex McCord

    Interesting comment, Amber -- I hadn't thought of Terry that way but you never know...YES, Vicki and all of us need to embrace alone time...

  • Amber Buckley Lyons
    Amber Buckley Lyons

    I think Terry brought up the d-word infront of cameras and other castmembers because he wants to be a housewife. He woud never really divorce Heather, she's got him wrapper around her diamond-encrusted finger, I never buy Tamera's pity parties with Eddie. She does it all the time and he falls for it. Vicki did go overoard with her emotional response to rooming alone. She needs to learn to ENJOY alone time, it's great!