Melissa Joan Hart Cancels Kickstarter

It seems people won’t throw money at just any project a celebrity throws on Kickstarter. Melissa Joan Hart has canceled fundraising for her movie, Darci’s Walk of Shame, after the movie only managed to raise $51,605 of its $2 million goal.

Clarissa explains the movie’s plot as a romantic comedy about Darci, played by Hart, who must overcome “enormous hurdles to get back to her sister’s wedding and avoid her family witness [sic] her first walk of shame.” After only finding 315 backers, the Kickstarter campaign has been canceled and we’ll never know if Darci makes it to her sister’s wedding on time.

Hart had promised some pretty stupid perks to those who pledged a substantial amount of money for the film. For instance, donors of $300 were promised Melissa Joan Hart would follow them on Twitter for a full year. Only one person pledged that much.

Fortunately, all’s not lost for the teenage witch, her ABC Family series Melissa & Joey returns for a third season later this month. And Clarissa Explains It All is probably still in syndication somewhere. Right?